December 2, 2016

Welcome to the Fall 2016 M.A. TESOL Conference! 


Our conference theme – Many Voices, One Song – invites you to think of the inclusive community created by the many teachers and students of English who seek to harmonize their voices to sing the song of the English language in all of the places we venture to teach and learn.  Our class is the first to feature a majority of graduates from other countries:  we hail from Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, and America, a diverse, multicultural group indeed, representing the TESOL community’s commitment to making English teaching a truly global enterprise. 

Conference presentations will highlight the latest theory and pedagogy in second language instruction.  The presenters’ areas of interest include pragmatics and performance, writers’ development of voice and academic literacy skills, learner motivation and willingness to communicate, the sociocultural aspects of speaking, teaching speech acts in an EFL context, curriculum development for pragmatics, and metacognitive instruction in listening.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from results of empirical and qualitative studies as well as from reviews of literature and demonstrations of online teaching modules.  It should be an exciting event, and we hope you will join us !